METALBODY is a dance-theater piece that combines movement, poetry/literary arts, electronic music, and scenic design to transport audiences into a world where 4 women rule. These 4 women have created their own political structure that questions, empowers, and reimagines democracy. MB follows each performer as they become superheroes of their organizational structure- they are leaders, supporters, rebels, ecstatic, tragic, and invincible.

June 1, 2019 3pm MOVEMENT: SYZYGY at Hudson Guild Theater 

part of 2019 MOVEMENT, presented by Sans Limites Dance May 29-June 2

441 W. 26 St. (between 9th and 10th Avenues) New York, NY 10001

Photos by KYLE NETZEBAND at Arts on Site, Performance Party, October 20, 2018, St. Marks Place, NYC

Soft & Stark

Soft & Stark (caitlinadams/heidco) is an ethereal atmosphere following the strength, interconnectivity, and poise held within a space shared by 3 female-identified bodies.  Performed by Kristyn Arch, Kelsey Greenway, and Lir Katz, the dancers live amidst oppositional qualitative natures subsequently landing them in static images reminiscent of classical portraiture. The tension of this vacillation from familiarity and stillness to discomfort and disorientation is reenforced by the bucolic setting of Governors Island, which, like all stylized colonial utopias, encourages amnesia about its violent past.